Straw Hat Distillery, LLC

Located at:

1301 N Douglas St

Florence, SC 20501

Phone 843-453-1349

About Us

Straw Hat Distillery is a locally owned and operated company that produces small batch handcrafted whiskies and flavored moonshines since 2014.  Just hearing the term moonshine conjures up the image of an old copper still running in the back woods next to a flowing stream.  However, Straw Hat is a modern small time distilling operation with aspirations of making high quality bourbon in the not so distant future.

Keeping it local is what it’s all about.  Corn and wheat, which make up the majority of the distilled spirits are sourced from local farms right here in the Pee Dee.  When it comes to the infused moonshines, nothing tastes as great as 100% natural fruits, coffees and teas.  The proof is in the taste of the shine.  They offer a variety of moonshines that are of a reasonable alcohol content that most folks will enjoy and we offer higher alcohol content varieties for those who consider themselves a bit of a cocktail mixologist.

The distillery is run by Steve Winter and Marc Kremer operated under South Carolina’s Micro Distillery Law where small producers are allowed to make up to 125,000 cases of spirits a year.   The great thing about this relatively new law, it is based on educating the public on the traditional ways of producing spirits.  You can see and taste the whole experience from beginning to end yourself.  Tours, tastings and sales of the spirits produced on-site are available on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.